What is Digital Marketing?
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The Digital Marketing “revolution” has burst into the marketing and recruitment industry. Starting from a dubious trend and now standing as a significant influence in driving the business, Digital Marketing has grown within a short span of time and clearly become a strong and prosperous career trend in the job market in today scenario.
What Companies think about Digital Marketing?
what is digital marketing course in delhi
Almost 85% of top companies are using digital marketing as their business driver with over $173 billion spend in online advertising globally by 2017.
Digital Marketing as a Career?
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The career prospects in Digital Marketing are so high that it has emerged as a standalone subject on its own and is not going to fade for centuries. Today, leading job portals in India only have listed more than 10 Lacs job vacancies in Digital Marketing.

The future job market will witness a number of new roles in Digital Marketing field as things are going online gradually. For current learners it’s a pack full of opportunities.