Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course in Delhi

search engine marketing course
Search Engine Marketing Course: The key to lead generation
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Search Engine Marketing is one of the most proficient ways to grow business on digital marketplace. With a cut throat competition and millions of people vying to grab eyeball out there, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become a necessity.

Basically, SEM is a practice of driving the relevant traffic more effectively to end customer website. Promoting products and marketing web pages using paid advertisements that are shown in search engine result pages. The core of the process lies on the fact that the advertisers bid for those keywords that users might necessarily be using while looking for certain product or services of their business interest. These ads are then displayed along with the search query results from users.

A search engine marketing course is a tool to get you acquainted with the right knowledge and skills on this standalone subject. Dig deeper to learn how to build a holistic strategy to incorporate the right tools that a website can have. Build on the effectiveness of a website through different web tools and become an opportunist.

Search Engine Marketing training in Delhi, being provided by Mavis Edutech focuses on fundamentals of different aspects of digital trends today. Our search engine marketing course training institute in Delhi assists aspirants and beginners in understanding the use of specific tools, search engines, paid advertisements etc. to increase visibility of end customer website. Applying for search engine marketing course in Delhi will allow learning and implementing all the necessary changes to improve ranking of any website with live case studies and live projects.

Get yourself enrolled in our Digital Marketing Program and grab your seat in our “Search Engine Marketing course” batch. We also offer complete placement assistance for a fruitful career aligned with your learning’s with us.

Topics to be Covered
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • What is Search Engine Marketing?
  • How SEM is different from SEO?
  • Keyword Research
  • Setting up Google AdWords Account
  • Understanding AdWords account structure
    • Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords, etc.
    • Types of Advertising Campaigns: Search & Display
    • Different between Search & Display Campaign
  • Understanding AdWords Algorithm
    • How AdWords Rank Ads?
    • Understanding Ad Rank
    • What is Quality Score & Why it’s important?
    • What is CTR & Why it’s important?
    • Understanding Bids
  • Creating Search Advertising Module
  • Creating Display Advertising Module
  • Creating Video Advertising Module
  • Creating Mobile Advertising Module
  • Optimizing Campaigns
  • Tracking & Monitoring Campaigns Performance