Google adwords Course in Delhi

google adwords course in delhi
Reporting and Learning Google Adwords via Google adwords training
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The best part about Google adwords is that it will never go out of fashion. As far as we will keep searching products online or services on search engines till than Google adwords is here to stay. Though just like any other online marketing career, it will keep changing and evolving and thus a hot career line for aspirants and learners. Become a master of tracking user’s behavior online and learn Google Adwords.

Google Adwords, best described as Google Advertising program is a business oriented approach for those online businesses who want to display their ads on advertising network or the search engine itself. Whenever people click any of the ads the business is paid in return.

The key to a perfect Google Adwords is the use of relevant keyword in the ads. Whenever any browser searches those keywords, your ad is triggered and shown on the search result page. It is also called Pay per Click (PPC) marketing strategy.

While the career prospects in this fragment of digital marketing are numerous, it’s best to undergo a google adwords certification to get through the details. Mavis Edutech is one of the most proficient Digital Marketing institute in Delhi offering google adwords certification program.

We offer the unique and exhaustive adwords training in delhi. Get acquainted with the right knowledge, skills and hands on practical exposure by enrolling yourself with our Google adwords course in Delhi and explore the plethora of learning modes we offer to our students exclusively.

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Topics to be Covered
  • Understanding PPC
    • Overview of Google Adwords, Bing
    • PPC Definition & how it functions
    • Understanding Quality Score, Conversion Rate etc
  • How to Strategize and Manage PPC campaigns
    • Setting objectives, goals and performance measurements
    • Formulating account structure
    • Effective segmentation of keywords
    • Usage of multiple match types
    • Non overlapping Ad Groups
  • Effective Ads writing and actionable landing pages
    • Compelling ads that increase click-through rates (CTR) lower costs
    • Improve conversion rates Targeted ads & relevant landing pages
    • Call to Action rich landing pages
  • Bid Management
    • Understand bidding strategy
    • Manual vs. Automated bid management
    • Different bid management features CPA bidding, position preference etc
  • SEM Management
    • Remarketing
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Display & Video Formats
    • Optimize the display network campaigns
    • Track & measure view-through conversions