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Email Marketing Training Course: The Ladder to a Stable Career Line
Learn how email marketing course training in Delhi gives insight to stable your Digital Marketing career line. Call at +91-9873073484 for demo class registration.

Emails are one of the oldest yet the most modern form of marketing which are going to stay forever. There are uncountable benefits of email marketing and is being increasingly used by the companies. Being affordable and easy way to promote, it is a kind of direct marketing through electronic channels. There are millions of email accounts worldwide and billions of emails are sent daily. In fact researches have proved that emails are 40% better than social media for lead generation. Do we need to say more! There is high scope and plethora of job option in email marketing.

Email marketing simply refers to promotions of products, services via mails. This form of marketing is like a laser missile that reaches direct to the customers. You can easily reach the potential customers within minutes and check your effectiveness, unlike other traditional marketing media.

What makes this line stand out of the pool of marketing tactics is that you have the undivided attention of the customer over your services and product as there are no ads, no pop ups or distracting elements to diverge or frustrate the mind of customers. To make the most out of it undergo an email marketing training courses.

Mavis Edutech is a renowned name when it comes to email marketing training, we have been producing highly efficient lead generators for years through our exhaustive learning email marketing classes. Not only we help the aspirants to get acquainted with email marketing course but also offer them proper placement assistance to bring their career on the right tracks.

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Topics to be Covered
  • What is Email Marketing and How it works?
  • Importance of Email Marketing
  • Types of Email Marketing: Opt-ins & Bulk Emails
  • Free & Paid Services for doing Email Marketing
  • Designing attractive Emails & Newsletters
  • Generating Traffic & Selling Products via Email Marketing
  • Lead generation
    • What is Lead Generation &it’s importance
    • Understanding Landing Pages & Thank You Pages
    • Best Practices for creating Landing Pages & Thank You Pages
    • Understanding A/B Testing & how to do it?
    • How to Collect Leads, Nurturing Leads & Generating Sales