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Our workshop delivery includes with live cases and live projects.
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Digital Marketing has created a significant impact on daily lives corporate, business and now the students (the upcoming digital marketers) and that’s why businesses worldwide, including developing country India are waking up to indulge in to the benefits this revolutionary form of marketing in order to fulfill their distinctive business objectives be it Sales, Marketing, Product Development, CRM, Research, Ecommerce and what not. Apart from usual training, Mavis Edutech has expanded its horizon of services and also offers workshops/seminars on Digital Marketing.

Our Digital Marketing seminars/ workshops/ webinars are focused to the educational institutions and corporate bodies. The mission of conducting such workshops is to give a glimpse of digital marketing or social media awareness. The basic benefits of such workshops include:

>> Students will learn the importance of Social media apart from Facebook and Twitter in current time and know more about the underlying career opportunities

>> Organizations can leverage the business process using the right and available marketing tools, techniques and innovations

A gamut of topics will be taught to all the attendees and we ensure that the best faculty is available there for exchanging the ideas and researches with likeminded people. We employ only industry experts to impart the key skills and knowledge.
A multitude of techniques and tools usage will be opened up and implemented that will help you the organizations to grow and evolve. Usually corporate are unaware of new findings and innovations.
Educational Institutes
Digital Marketing market is vast and needs skillful professionals in the coming time and numerous job opportunities will born. Inculcate the right knowledge on best time and build the career of your students.